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Make Your Childcare Center Stand Out

When you own a childcare center, you want the best experience for your staff, the families, and most importantly, the kids. Parents are concerned about leaving their children under someone else's care, so you can ease these fears by providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Here are some pro-tips I implemented that will most likely make your center stand out from others in your area:

  1. Safe & Clean Environment. This must be a priority in your center. Let families know the basic procedures you follow to ensure the safety of children at all times to follow the highest standards of quality childcare.

  2. Classroom Setup. Arrange the space for intended use, and separate each area to have clear spots for learning and playing. Label your sections and objects, and have easy access for materials and supplies.

  3. Consistent Schedules. Planning a routine day by day makes children feel more comfortable adjusting to their daily activities, so we try to create consistent schedules for them to follow.

  4. Trained & Qualified Staff. Your team is your support, so they need to be well-trained & passionate about what they do. Friendly teachers make parents feel more comfortable to approach staff with questions or concerns.

  5. Enrichment Programs. Our first job is providing education, so you need to use or create a curriculum that provides structure for their learning experience. Other enrichment programs, such as STEM, or online activities are also essential for teaching.

And the BONUS TIP that never fails to work: COMMUNICATE! Daily reports will let you advertise upcoming events at the center, include reminders, and let parents know what their child is doing throughout the day.

What other ideas have you come up with to stand out? Let me know in the comments and come back for more tips, ideas and useful info for ALL CHILDCARE BOSSES!

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