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Celebrate Thanksgiving at Your Center

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Your kids will have fun learning about past celebrations, giving thanks for what they have today, and finding out how other people celebrate harvest time. To get ready for this holiday, here are a few activities you can try at your childcare center:

  1. Volunteer Work. Giving Thanksgiving meals to less fortunate families will help kids understand the importance of volunteering and being grateful for what they have.

  1. Thanksgiving Luncheon. Hosting a Thanksgiving lunch with kids and parents will strengthen your bonds with them, by sharing a special meal and honoring traditions.

  1. Create a Classroom Cookbook. Ask students to write down recipes for their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and collect them into an official classroom cookbook they can take home.

  1. Give Thanks with the Alphabet. Have kids list one thing they are thankful for following each letter of the alphabet, and turn it into a game with teams and points to make it even more fun.

What Thanksgiving ideas have you found work well in your Childcare Center? Tell us about them in the comments and don’t forget about my next event: Spillin’ the Tea in Childcare Brunch, taking over Atlanta in January 2023. If you want to save your spot at the table, follow the link to get your ticket!

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